Epic Games Store Needs an “Appear Offline” Option

Epic Games Store Needs an “Appear Offline” Option

The Epic Games Store was released in December 2018. It has been a hot topic among PC gamers. The launch offer allows you to download free games every week. This is in addition to the huge success of the battle royale Fortnite and the acquisition of the Rocket League.

The Epic Games Store was previously criticised for not listing game sizes on the download page and, having slow loading launchers, grabbing exclusive titles before the client is fully optimized. This is especially concerning when compared with Valve’s popular Steam client. Epic Games will likely take a while to surpass the likes of Steam, Battle.net Origin, Bethesda Launcher, and other respected alternatives. However, an “appear offline” option would be a good starting point.

Epic Games Still Needs Essentials

The developers are adding more games to the library like Genshin Impact and League of Legends. However, the client still lacks in many areas. It doesn’t feel that the Epic Game Store is growing fast enough according to recent updates. One of these includes a brand new rating system, which will be available to all players after they have played two hours in a game. It still lacks discussion boards, which the company says are not a priority.

This launcher is still in its infancy. Users could filter their epic libraries by type, genre, platform, or feature. Library filtering is not a convenient feature for the client. It’s an essential part of a game browser. Strangely, a large company maintains a game launcher without so many standard features.

An Offline Option Is Still Not Available

Many changes must be made to a game launcher’s code, but these updates must not be in the epic games store. This client encourages multiplayer games, but it doesn’t allow users to stay online and remain invisible to their friends if the user is looking to relax. There are only two options currently available: “Online” and “Away .”None of these options offer the same benefits. People don’t like to be rude when someone asks them to play with them.

The only way to play online games is to not log in to your profile. You can also enable offline browsing or disconnect from the internet. However, any online experiences you have will be lost. Some games, such as Fortnite, allow players to choose whether they want to be away or in a private group. They can also turn off notifications from friends. The “do not disturb” feature is the closest to being invisible online.

Others created alternative accounts to circumvent the problem but soon discovered that they could no longer access the primary game library. While free games could still be played, it seems too much effort to disconnect from social interaction. Epic Games could solve the problem by offering an offline alternative.

Epic Games should include this “Appear Offline” function to compete with Steam distribution services. Steam is giving away free games. The Epic Games Store may soon grow beyond its simple roots and offer more variety with each update.

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