Incredible Rare Styrofoam Coffee Cup Art That Borders on the Epically Insane

Incredible Rare Styrofoam Coffee Cup Art That Borders on the Epically Insane

If you’re a coffee-lover, you’ve probably noticed some amazingly detailed and unique art on your styrofoam cups. These works are not your typical cartoons, but they’re bordering on insane! In this article, we’ll tell you about a few of the most stunning examples of Styrofoam coffee cup art that will blow your mind!

The story behind this amazing styrofoam coffee-cup art can be traced back to Malaysian artist Cheeming Boey, who started sketching on his coffee cups when he was a teenager. He couldn’t find anything else to write on, so he used the cup as his canvas. The result was incredible, and he has continued to create amazing works ever since. His doodles range from everyday scenes to mythological creatures. To see more of his work, visit his flickr page.

You have probably heard of the Styrofoam art that adorns the rim of coffee cups, but have you ever thought of putting it to use? Well, you have to try it to believe it! Here are some incredible Styrofoam creations that will blow your mind. They will give you a whole new perspective on art!

Different Styles of Styrofoam Coffee Cup Art:

Several artists have been creating styrofoam coffee cups. These artists include Cheeming Boey, Keiji Yamamoto, and David Breach. Some of their best-known pieces are the meerschaum pipes and the oleander sprigs. Despite their similar styles, the pieces by Yamamoto and Boey are strikingly different.

Cheeming Boey’s Styrofoam Coffee Cup Art

The amazing Styrofoam coffee cups of artist Cheeming Boey are truly a work of art. He uses a black Sharpie pen to draw on them in a unique pointillism style, then engraves the designs using a tool softer than a toothpick. Boey also names the cups with lyrics from old Depeche Mode albums. His work is stunning; you can buy some of his pieces online.

Cheeming Yamamoto’s Styrofoam Coffee Cup Art

If you’re into a little quirky art, you may want to check out the work of Cheeming Yamamoto. He’s created some of the world’s tallest latte art, complete with giraffe spots. His artwork is meant to persuade customers to buy two lattes. Each piece has a storyline and features an iconic cartoon character, such as Snoopy in a napping position. There’s a reason why his work is so recognizable, and he’s obviously skilled and talented.

Breach’s Styrofoam Coffee Cup Art

Artist Bill Breach is making waves across the world with his incredible styrofoam cup clipart. Starting with simple pictures of people and popular culture figures, Breach has gotten as complicated as drawing Jim Morrison and other celebrities. Many of his pictures are short, lasting no more than three minutes. They can even go cold while you’re admiring them. Check out his incredible art on Tumblr!

Boey’s Styrofoam Coffee Cup Art

You might be surprised to learn that Cheeming Boey creates incredible works of art on styrofoam coffee cups! The cartoonist trained as a computer animator and discovered that he had no paper to draw on, so he used a disposable styrofoam cup. He began to doodle on these cups while on the go, and soon after, the creations he created became extremely popular. Now, he’s a spokesperson for Sharpie permanent markers, a company that makes these cups.

Yamamoto’s Styrofoam Coffee Cup Art

You might not have known that Kazuki Yamamoto creates the most incredible latte art. His work has inspired people to go on a double-take while drinking their favorite drink. His amazing creations can even cause stunned silence. It’s truly mind-blowing. Take a look at the incredible styrofoam coffee cup art below to see the process of how this amazing artist creates his works.

Anthora Coffee Cup

Although less common than earlier versions, the Anthora coffee cup still retains its novelty. NYCoffeeCup proudly proclaims that the Anthora is the “Genuine Original New York Coffee Cup” and sells only original cups. The cup, introduced by Greek immigrants in 1963, has become a symbol of the city, its welcoming people, and its unique culture. So what are the different styles of Anthora coffee cup art?

Styrofoam Coffee Cup Art:

Styrofoam coffee cups have become the perfect canvas for artists to express their creativity. Various designs have been created, including three-dimensional designs, beads inflated with air, an elephant, and many others. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular examples. What elements make up this incredible work of styrofoam coffee cup art?

  • Three-Dimensional Styrofoam Coffee Cup Art: The amazing creations of styrofoam coffee cups are the products of creativity, and the designs are remarkably accurate. Some of these artists have created characters and cartoons from the foam. 
  • Multiple Colors: This styrofoam coffee-cup art was created in the waiting room of a car dealership. The customer created it over a three-hour period, using a ballpoint pen and a coffee cup.
  • Beads Inflated With Air: To create this amazing work of art, artists are using shrunken cups that have been immersed in the ocean for a while. This unique method of creating art involves a series of stages.
  • The Elephant in a Cup: If you’re looking for an easy and fun craft for your kids, Elephant in a Cup might be the perfect craft for you. This craft is easy to make and will surely impress the kids.
  • Using a Stencil: If you’ve ever wondered how to use a stencil to create incredible storfoam coffee cup art, you’re in luck! Using a stencil is a great way to make a one-of-a-kind piece of mug art that will be sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees it.

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Final Words

If you are a fan of the unusual and expressive arts, you may be interested in purchasing some pieces of this unique art. These works of art can cost upwards of $1,500 per piece, and are not something you see every day. They are collector’s items, one-of-a-kind works of art that will surely blow your mind!

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