Instagram Announces New Feature: Duration Of Reels Extended To 90 Seconds

Instagram Announces New Feature: Duration Of Reels Extended To 90 Seconds

In an article published Wednesday, Instagram announced a new feature that extends reels on its video platform to ninety seconds. The move is an imitation of rival TikTok, which has entered YouTube’s territory with its Reels format. Subscribers get a purple badge in comments and DMs. And, according to Instagram, the new feature aims to facilitate the next step of the content shift to the photo and video sharing site.

Instagram’s New Feature Expands Reels To 90 Seconds

The new Instagram feature, “Reels,” lets users upload videos of up to 90 seconds, instead of the usual one-minute limit. This change will give more users the chance to upload longer content, as the platform prioritizes accounts that jump on in-platform updates. It also enables users to automatically synchronize video clips with a favorite song. But, if you want to make the most of Instagram’s new feature, you need to plan.

The new feature is aimed at making Reels more like the video-sharing app TikTok. Instagram had already been testing the feature earlier this year and has now rolled out the update to more users in India. The new feature gives users 30 more seconds to create content for their videos, competing with TikTok’s 30-second limit. It’s unclear what the impact of this new feature will be on the platform’s overall growth, but it’s still a good addition for users.

The new feature also offers more functionality for Instagram creators. It allows users to add audio to their videos and import audio files. Instagram Reels will now allow users to import audio files directly into their videos. Users can also use Reels to share video clips. The new feature will be available in August 2020. Regardless of the reason, the new feature will likely make Instagram Reels an even more important part of organic social media strategy.

Subscribers Will Get A Purple Badge In DMs And Comments

As a bonus, Instagram is also enhancing editing tools for the reels. Users can now reorder clips and delete them. Unlike the earlier version of Instagram, reels can now be expanded to 90 seconds. To make the most of the longer length, users should edit their reels regularly. The aforementioned purple badge will appear in DMs and comments when subscribers have reached the 1,000-subscriber mark.

The feature is aimed at creating a seamless experience for users. The company aims to make the messaging app more accessible for customers, so many customers prefer using WhatsApp over Instagram direct. This will help marketers convert more users as users can send messages while on Instagram. Another new feature that Instagram subscribers will get is an option to create Reels directly from story highlights. It will be interesting to see how the changes will affect content on the platform.

The new feature will allow creators to customize their links to subscribers’ pages, giving them access to exclusive content. Creators can use this feature to sell badges and gain special features. The subscription feature will be enabled in December 2021. It is still unclear when the new subscription feature will be rolled out to all users. However, subscriptions are a great way for content creators to earn a monthly income. The feature will make it easier for creators to promote their content and increase their following.

Instagram Guides Are Limited To Wellness-Focused Creators

While IGTV has become a popular platform for longer videos, Instagram is shifting its focus to health and wellness content in a new way: Guides. Instagram initially targeted travel-related content, but after the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the social network pivoted course and emphasized “wellness” content. To support this shift, Instagram is teaming up with mental health organizations and local community groups to create wellness guides. These guides will appear as a new icon on each participating organization’s profile.

Incorporating an Instagram guide is a great way to expand your reach beyond wellness-focused content. Aside from providing a simple step-by-step process for creating an Instagram shop, you can also use the platform to create complex guides on a variety of topics. One example is the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s guide on how to cope with mental illness. Besides wellness, Instagram guides are a great way to showcase your knowledge.

The new feature is similar to the “Carousels” on YouTube, but instead of showcasing individual posts, guides will showcase pre-published posts and product listings. Instagram Guides can be made public or private, and include a cover photo, title, and optional descriptions. Instagram’s Guides are available to select creators of health and wellness-focused content. The company also updated its Search functionality to better direct users to specific content.

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