Latest iPhone Features Your iPhones Will Get With iOS 16 That Apple Didn’t Talk About

Latest iPhone Features Your iPhones Will Get With iOS 16 That Apple Didn’t Talk About

There were several latest iPhone features that Apple didn’t discuss at all, but they are arguably the biggest features your iPhones will get with iOS 16. While the company did talk about the Always-on display and the new lock screen, it didn’t mention other important improvements, including Live Caption. The latter could be an extremely useful feature for those with vision impairments, and it could give Apple’s Notes app a whole new level of functionality.

The List Of The Features That You Are About To Witness Next

Always-On Display

While iOS 16 isn’t expected to ship with always-on display capabilities, it does lay the groundwork for them. Its new Lock Screen widgets are perfectly suited for this feature. And the underlying code for the new operating system confirms that it will be in development for future iPhone models. If Apple does introduce this feature, it’ll probably be launched alongside the iPhone 14 Pro lineup.

The new display is also capable of supporting widget-like capabilities. Apple is considering merging widgets with the Today View, which offers easy access to all information and can be tapped to access favorite apps. Until then, this feature may be limited to the iMessage app. However, we’ll have to wait and see. If Apple does implement this feature in the latest iPhone features update , expect the update to be available soon. Also, the Health app will be updated, but the report didn’t mention what changes are coming to it. Other updates include improvements to watch faces, low-power mode, and multitasking.

New Lock Screen

iOS 16 adds new features to the lock screen, including widgets. Widgets are now available in the editor mode, making it possible to choose the colors, fonts, and filters of the screen. You can also choose from a variety of themes and pick the font that you prefer.

The new lock screen will allow users to customize their notifications and widgets to help them stay up to date with the world around them. They can even customize their lock screen for specific Focus Modes, including work-related newsfeeds or personal ones. If you’re not yet ready for the new features, make sure to check back regularly to see what’s new.

Messages App Update 

In iOS 16, Messages will get three big updates. First, users will be able to resend messages, edit messages, and mark conversations as unread. The new dictation feature will transition seamlessly from typing to dictation, and will even recognize emojis! There will be full Siri support, too, as well as Live Text and video.

Messages app users can finally get the full experience of a mobile phone. The iOS 16 beta is available for developers, and the public beta version will be available next month. While some features require an iPhone Xs or higher, everyone can enjoy these major new features. The new version of the Messages app will allow users to undo sent iMessages, edit or delete messages entirely, and recover deleted text within 30 days. But not everything is so great. You will probably still want to read the full version of the iOS 16 beta before you upgrade.

Messages Safety Check

Apple has announced a new feature for the Messages app called Safety Check in iOS 16. This new tool allows users to limit the access of people or apps to their information. It also disables location sharing and limits FaceTime and iMessage sessions to the user’s device. Safety Check also allows you to reset your Apple ID password, robbing anyone who has your email, passwords, or other sensitive information from being able to view them. Finally, it allows you to review your emergency contacts and revoke access to sensitive information from your device.

This new tool helps protect people from domestic violence or intimate partner abuse by restricting access to their phone’s location and messages. It also enables emergency reset, a reset of your iCloud settings, and limits messaging access to the device in your hand. The feature is available on all iOS 16 devices, as well as the iPadOS 16, watchOS 9, and the upcoming macOS Ventura update. The new feature will be part of iOS 16 on the iPhone, iPad 16, and watchOS 9 in the fall.


Apple is also introducing Face ID and the Safety Check feature that will help you unlock your iPhone with just a glance. The new feature will only work on certain iPhone models, including the iPhone 12 and 13 in landscape mode. In addition, it includes the Safe Check privacy feature, which protects those who live with domestic abuse or domestic violence.

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