This Amazing Spotify Upgrade Is Available For Both Android And iPhone Users

This Amazing Spotify Upgrade Is Available For Both Android And iPhone Users

Spotify’s desktop app has provided the best option, although it has not been available on the mobile app. The friend activity sidebar lets you see the Spotify music that your Facebook friends and Spotify associates are listening to. It had been useful to assess friends and discover new music. It’s now available on your cell phone, regardless of whether you’re using an iPhone or the top-of-the-line Android phone.

Chris Messina posted on Twitter that “Spotify now has a brand-new Community Hub to see your pals listening to stay, and what playlists they are recent up-to-date.” This is not the full Friend Activity sidebar – it is too small – but it certainly has the same performance.

Check Out The New Spotify App For iOS Right Now

Though the new function isn’t yet available, it’s certainly there for those who type “Spotify” into Safari on iPhone or iPod you’ll be allowed to view the take a peek at space.

This new feature is a reminder that Spotify is something completely different. It was built on the idea of sharing your passion for music rather than making snide comments about marginalized people. Spotify was one of the reasons people stayed on it longer than other music services The ability to subscribe to friends’ and attention-grabbing strangers’ feeds. It also feels much more social than the desktop app. It is great to see Spotify adding some old-school sharing to its cell app.

However, many believe that it’s not enough to tempt them yet again. Many people think that Apple is their top choice. Many believe it’s far better to get an Apple One bundle with the Apple Music household plan than to pay for a separate Spotify subscription. AirPods Max is a favorite headphone for many. Also, the Spatial Audio content that Apple Music offers, most recently in the Harry Styles album. It is worth borrowing a set of AirPods, as the spatial stuff can be very enjoyable.

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