This Brilliant Retro Cassette Tape Coffee Table Is Exactly What You Need in Your Living Room!

This Brilliant Retro Cassette Tape Coffee Table Is Exactly What You Need in Your Living Room!

Bringing retro brilliance to your living room is easy when you decorate with this unique coffee table, which resembles a cassette tape table. Made of steel and wood, it features a hollowed-out body that doubles as storage. The coffee table has colorful paint jobs to make it look vintage, and it’s sure to add an air of hipness to your living room.

In addition to being a unique accent piece, this retro-music-themed coffee table is made from recycled material. The wood used for its construction is made from recycled Indonesian teak, and the table features the names of cult ’80s films on the top. Some of the names are even crossed out.

Cassette tapes have enjoyed a resurgence. While the rebirth of vinyl has been much more muted, the cassette format is still gaining a devoted following of fans. Cassette tape tables have recently been re-introduced to the home market, and their popularity is expected to grow in the coming years.

Cassette Tape Coffee Table:

A recent Kickstarter campaign for the Tables Cassette Tape Coffee Table has raised over $35,000 and surpassed its goal, which was to raise $250,000 to make the table. The table is made in the USA, appealing to the millennial generation. During the development of the table, Calmus had to research new manufacturing methods, and he needed to raise the money to make the table.

Tables Cassette Tape Coffee Table

The Tables Cassette Tapie Coffee Table looks like the front of a cassette tape deck and is a retro-cool piece of furniture. While it’s not playable, the table is extremely attractive and was sold for $1,700 in a Kickstarter campaign. Its resemblance to a cassette tape table makes it an excellent coffee table for anyone who has fond memories of the era.

The TABLES Cassette Tape Coffee Table’s unique aesthetic makes it stand out from the crowd. It is made from birchwood and coated with an epoxy finish. It also features a concealed shelf and four cupholders. The cassette tape-shaped table can also fold down to serve as a storage unit.

The Table is built for durability and appeal. The reclaimed wood used to make it is finished in a rich expresso Kona brown and a satin clear coat. A Bluetooth 4.0 connector makes it easy to connect to your smartphone for music. It has a 10:1 scale replica of a cassette tape. The table is also made of birch plywood, which gives it a classic wooden look.

Made in the United States

The Cassette Tape Coffee Table is a unique piece of furniture that can be a great addition to your living room. Made of hardwood and sealed with an epoxy coating, this table features a hollowed-out body that doubles as storage. It has several functional features, including LED lights, a front shelf, and stainless-steel cup holders.

The table is made by the Los Angeles-based company TABLES. Its top features a vintage-style cassette label, which is sealed with clear epoxy. Some are even fitted with LED lights in the mixtape holes. The table is currently sold for $1,700, but Calmus hopes to lower the price to $250 in the future.

The Cassette Tape Coffee Table is a great way to show off your love for music. Its retro design is both nostalgic and functional. The table’s design is based on a real cassette tape. The tape’s shape is scaled to fit on top of the table, and the sides fold down to reveal a 9-inch-deep shelf. Its top is also equipped with a dry-erase board.

Appeal to Millennials

The cassette tape is becoming increasingly popular with millennial music lovers, who are discovering the hipster appeal of this classic format. New indie cassette labels are popping up all over the country, and Cassette Store Day, launched in 2013, has seen big-name artists release limited-edition tapes. Tapes add analog warmth and nostalgic quality to the living room.

How to Improve a Cassette Coffee Table?

There are several ways to improve this table. For instance, you can repurpose an old window for the top. A table with tall and wide legs will look classier. Alternatively, you can build one using a factory cart and additional storage space inside.

Ideas for Improving a Humdrum Coffee Table

If your coffee table looks a little plain, here are a few ideas to give it a fresh new look. Try using reclaimed wood planks or ceramic tiles on top. You can also add a custom-fit glass piece to give your table a nice texture. Then, slide a magazine or photo under the glass to add visual appeal.

Ideas for Repurposing an Old Window as a Top

Reusing an old window is an excellent way to create a beautiful table. Its lift-out top is perfect for storing coffee and other living room essentials. The window is also a great way to add a rustic, farmhouse look to your living room. You can also use it to store family photos or magazine collections.

Another way to refurbish an old window is to turn it into a wall decoration. These frames are typically simple and have one large glass panel. If you want a creative twist, consider transforming an old window by using stencils.

Cassette Tape Coffee Table

Ideas for Adding Storage

Whether you are decorating for a family reunion or you just want to add a unique table to your living room, there are several ways to add storage to your cassette coffee table. Adding shelves or a drawer is a great way to add extra storage space to an existing piece. You can even get creative by creating a unique tabletop storage area. Here are a few thoughts to get you started. You can even create a DIY coffee table out of a cassette tape table.

Another option is to use baskets. These can be made from a variety of materials and are very functional. They can be used to store items you no longer need and are also an excellent alternative to easy-access shelves.

Options for Building a Factory-Cart-Style Coffee Table

If you’d like to build a factory-cart-style coffee table, you have a few options. One way to make this piece is to purchase a factory cart table kit. These kits come with complete instructions and materials lists. Some kits also include color photographs and diagrams to help you make the piece.

Another way to build a factory-cart-style coffee table is by salvaging old fence boards. This material has a beautiful gray patina that will enhance the look of your coffee table. You can install casters on the bottom and add rope handles to the sides for easy portability.

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This retro-inspired coffee table is handcrafted from hardwood and steel. It has a hollowed-out body that features two storage compartments and a dry-erase board on top. Its retro-cool design will increase the hip factor of your living room. Its nostalgic vibe is further enhanced by its colorful paint job.

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