iOS Update: Everything You Need to Know About the New AirDrop Privacy Feature

iOS Update: Everything You Need to Know About the New AirDrop Privacy Feature

Overview of the new AirDrop privacy feature in Latest iOS 

The latest iOS update introduces a new AirDrop privacy feature, enhancing user control and security. With this feature, users have three options to choose from when receiving AirDrop requests: “Everyone,” “Contacts Only,” or “Receiving Off.” “Everyone” allows AirDrop requests from any nearby device, while “Contacts Only” limits requests to people in the user’s contacts list. The “Receiving Off” option blocks all incoming AirDrop requests. This feature empowers users to customize their privacy settings, ensuring they receive files only from trusted sources. It enhances the overall user experience by providing more control over who can send content via AirDrop, prioritizing privacy and security in iOS devices.

How to turn on and adjust your AirDrop privacy settings

To turn on and adjust your AirDrop privacy settings, follow these steps:

  • Open the Control Center: Swipe down from the top-right corner (on iPhone X or newer) or swipe up from the bottom (on older iPhones and iPads) to access the Control Center.
  • Activate AirDrop: Long-press or force touch the network settings box (the one with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Airplane Mode icons). This will expand the section and reveal the AirDrop settings.
  • Choose your AirDrop Visibility: You’ll see three options: “Receiving Off,” “Contacts Only,” and “Everyone.” Select the desired setting based on your preferences. 

“Receiving Off” will disable all incoming AirDrop requests.

“Contacts Only” allows only your contacts to send you AirDrop requests.

“Everyone” permits any nearby device to send you AirDrop requests.

  • Adjust the Setting: If you select “Contacts Only,” you can further refine it by going to Settings > General > AirDrop and choosing “Receiving Off” or “Contacts Only.”

By following these steps, you can easily turn on AirDrop and adjust your privacy settings to control who can send you files and maintain the desired level of privacy and security on your iOS device.

Benefits of AirDrop’s improved privacy features 

The improved privacy features of AirDrop offer several benefits to users, enhancing their overall experience and security. 

  • Enhanced Control: The ability to choose between “Everyone,” “Contacts Only,” or “Receiving Off” gives users greater control over who can send them files. This ensures that only trusted sources can initiate AirDrop transfers, reducing the risk of receiving unsolicited or unwanted content.
  • Privacy Protection: By limiting AirDrop requests to “Contacts Only” or disabling it completely, users can protect their privacy by preventing unknown or unauthorized individuals from attempting to send files.
  • Reduced Disturbance: With the new privacy settings, users can avoid disruptive or spammy AirDrop requests from strangers. This improves the overall user experience, allowing for a more peaceful and focused environment.
  • Customized Sharing: The improved privacy features enable users to create a more personalized AirDrop experience. By allowing only contacts to send files, users can streamline their sharing process, ensuring that they receive content only from people they know and trust.

Tips on how to use the new AirDrop security options 

To effectively use the new AirDrop security options, consider the following tips:

  • Assess Your Needs: Evaluate your preferences and requirements regarding AirDrop. Determine whether you prefer maximum privacy (Receiving Off), limited sharing (Contacts Only), or unrestricted accessibility (Everyone).
  • Choose The Appropriate Setting: Adjust your AirDrop visibility by selecting the desired option in the Control Center. Opt for “Contacts Only” if you want to limit AirDrop requests to your contacts, or “Receiving Off” if you want to disable it entirely.
  • Customize Further (optional): For more granular control, go to Settings > General > AirDrop, where you can fine-tune your preferences by selecting either “Receiving Off” or “Contacts Only.”
  • Stay Aware Of Your Surroundings: When using the “Everyone” setting, be cautious about receiving AirDrop requests from unfamiliar sources. Exercise discretion and avoid accepting files from unknown individuals to maintain security.



The new AirDrop privacy feature introduced in the iOS update offers users greater control and security. With options to choose from “Everyone,” “Contacts Only,” or “Receiving Off,” users can customize their AirDrop visibility based on their preferences and privacy needs. This feature enhances privacy protection, reduces disturbances, and provides a more personalized sharing experience.

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