Best Borg Assimilation Quote in Star Trek Movie

Best Borg Assimilation Quote in Star Trek Movie

What is the borg assimilation quote?

The best borg assimilation quote is,“We are the Borg, put down your shields and surrender everything. We are doing Stellaris assimilation, and we add you to our own biological and technological distinctiveness, you will adapt to us. Drop your weapons!”

For those who do not know what a Borg is, Borg is part of an organic and part of another artificial being. They will create Stellaris assimilation no matter where they go.

Thus, these living beings become efficient drones that do not even remember their past life. If you are a borg fan, then the quote“assimilated in a sentence” would be futile. It might seem like a simple sentence, but it is so true when you witness Stellaris assimilation as well. The whole Stellaris assimilation is accurate, and you do not want to be there when it happens.

When the Borg opens its mouth, it will say, “You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.” Thus, when you become a part of the Borg, you will become indifferent to the whole Borg, and you have no individuality. It happened to a group of people left behind by a Borg, and it has also occurred when you are reading the Borg story.

It is a magnificent, intelligent creature—the Borg. Based on the Star Trek story, the main objective is to obtain more perfection by assimilating many different species and technologies sot they can incorporate the specific traits that are perfect. They can only grow in numbers by assimilating other species. The quote is, “You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.” It is probably the most memorable quote ever.


It is a type of cybernetic life-form that is thousands of years old and is partly organic and partly artificial. The Borg have one goal: to consume technology, compared to wealth expansion or political expansion as many different species which to seek.

Based on the different spokesman, in the form of the captain, the Borg only wants to increase the life quality of the other species they wish to assimilate. They view certain living beings as primitive and obsolete. Are you having fun with borg stories? Pop your “you will be assimilated meme” into your chat so that your friends will have fun chatting with you.

The whole collective consciousness from the Borg is about a ‘thousand’ voices that people are collectively aware of. Still, they are not aware of themselves as many separate individuals. They call themselves a “Third of Five” Keep reading onwards!

The Borg assimilation quote will absorb energy to drive the different technological systems by using an energy conduit port. These bio-chips will synthesize any other organic nutrients needed. There are a lot of distinct advantages that are brought by their collective consciousness. The Borg mind will need rapid adaptations to shield different frequency modulations in other combat. They also repair and regenerate and repair the cub chip with their collective thoughts.

The Whole Assimilation Process is Worse Than You Realize

One of the top things about the story is how many details are in the video and how much emphasis and how terrible it is to be assimilated in the Borg mind. When you realize how much pain the person has to go through to get a DNA makeover, with all different metallic components over you, you will be happy not to be a member of the Borg family.

However, Borg drones are not aware that this is going on, but they feel it. They know what is happening, even after the Borg mind has taken over. The fear of the mastermind, the Borg, is relentless.

That’s what the main lead character in Star Trek probably felt. He probably wasn’t wrong.

What is Assimilation About?

Assimilation is somewhat predatory, so if that species had some extraordinary power that they can add to the collective addition, If that species have no biological or technological advancements that the Borg felt was special, then the species would not be assimilated by the Borg.

By the 2370s, Borg has already assimilated thousands of different species. By the 24th century, Borg’s only species that the Borg had not assimilated would be the Kazon. As they would cause the Borg from not becoming perfect.


Final Verdict

Now you know about the Borg assimilation quote, remember that it is pure fiction, don’t take it so seriously, and continue eating popcorn in front of your favorite Star Wars movie.

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