Brilliant Teacher Uses Transparent Lightboard to Revolutionize Learning

Brilliant Teacher Uses Transparent Lightboard to Revolutionize Learning

Lightboard Technology

For many people, a lightboard is a useful tool in lectures. Instructors use lightboards for writing notes and diagrams during lectures. The writing on the board glows thanks to the lights on the sides, creating an optical illusion of floating text. This effect is particularly impressive. Lightboards can be used in classrooms, offices, and even private residences. Whether used for teaching or for research, technology can be useful for all students.

While traditional lecturers use a traditional whiteboard to deliver lectures, using a lightboard is a great way to incorporate a video component into the lecture. Many universities are implementing lecture recording tools that allow instructors to write on a transparent surface and then record their lectures. Lightboard was the first of these tools, and other colleges and universities are quickly adopting it. Instructors can now create quick videos to supplement hybrid learning, online, and flipped classrooms.

A transparent glass whiteboard with LED lights is the key to the technology. Lightboards allow instructors to write and draw on the board while maintaining eye contact with the audience. Additionally, if a lightboard is used in a video, the presenter can film through the glass, ensuring that the video is oriented correctly. The lightboards are a great option for teaching and delivering lectures, but they have a few disadvantages.

The Benefits of Using a Lightboard in the Classroom:

If you’re looking for a way to use technology in the classroom, you’ve likely heard of the Lightboard. This device is a transparent lightboard that is controlled by the instructor. It has a wide range of uses in the classroom and can be a useful supplement to the instructor’s teaching style. Here are a few of the benefits of using a Lightboard in the classroom.


Lightboard is a Transparent Lightboard

The first person to produce a video about the Lightboard was Dr. Katrina Hay of the Northwestern University School of Public Health, who had been working on a homemade version of the device for the past couple of years. Hay noticed that students were much more engaged with her content when she added graphics and visuals to the text. After learning about the technology from Dr. Hay, iTech applied for a grant through NWACC, the Northwest Academic and Computing Consortium. The grant helped finance the development of Lightboard student content.

It can be controlled by the Instructor

The advantages of using a transparent lightboard include ease of use and customization. The board can be controlled remotely by the instructor, using a mobile app that connects to the iPad mini mounted on the board. With a touchscreen, the instructor can change camera views, as well as make annotations and other changes to the lightboard’s content without involving the student or operator. Lightboards can be used for flipped and online classrooms, and instructors can use them to face the audience or students when instructing.

It can be Used to Help Students

The Lightboard is an interactive teaching tool made of transparent glass panels that allow the presenter to face both the audience and the presentation screen, making the teaching experience much more dynamic. A small internal light helps the drawings on the screen to display clearly. The Lightboard has been installed in the Information Technology studio on the second floor of the Chemistry & Biology Building. Ask a College Support Team member for permission to use the lightboard. You will need a USB 3.0 flash drive, which can hold 6.5 hours of recordings.

A Great Addition to the Classroom

A transparent lightboard is a visual aid that can supplement the traditional classroom with a powerful video experience. It can help students learn a topic without a teacher by allowing them to see the material they are studying. Students can use the board to review what they have learned, and they can even ask questions about the material they have been presented. These videos are available to students online and are a great way for them to learn new concepts from home.

It is Quick to Make

There are a number of reasons to use a transparent lightboard in the classroom. The speed at which it can be created and used is an important factor. Additionally, it is easy to create, with minimal post-production required. Students often enjoy watching lightboard videos because it gives them a sense of the instructor’s face and the way he or she talks. These two features also make it an excellent choice for classroom use.

It is Easy to Use

A transparent Lightboard is an interactive whiteboard that can display any type of digital content. A user can also record a lecture and upload it to a cloud. This feature allows instructors to record both the lecture and any video that they would like to share with their students. The video is available for download in a few days. Lightboard can help students by providing a variety of options that make the teaching process more efficient and effective.

It is Flexible

The transparency of the Lightboard’s surface makes it easy for teachers to project videos and still images into the classroom. While the board’s writing area is smaller than a chalkboard, students can still benefit from the video’s clarity. In addition to its flexible and versatile features, the Lightboard is extremely easy to clean. It can be taken anywhere, including the classroom or the hallway. The studio is located in the basement of the Foreign Language Building. There are two doors that lead into the G89 Suite.

It is Effective

One of the most significant challenges of presenting information in a classroom is that most students’ attention spans begin to decline at around six minutes. PowerPoint presentations are often seen as monotonous, and a lightboard presentation can seamlessly integrate best practices. For example, a Lightboard can integrate an instructor talking in his head, interspersed with videos of Khan Academy-style drawings. This can help students retain information, but it also requires editing and cleaning.

It is Cheap

A transparent lightboard is one of the cheapest teaching aids available. It is also incredibly convenient to use. It’s easy to use and requires minimal post-production, so it’s a great tool to use when you’re short on time. It’s also a popular teaching tool with students, because the visual experience is akin to that of a teacher teaching at a whiteboard, with the added benefit of being transparent.

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A brilliant teacher has found an easy way to revolutionize education, using the Transparent Lightboard. In this article, he shares some of his tips for the new technology. It will be easier for you to learn about it, too. Read on to find out how it works and why teachers love it. It has become a hot topic in the education community. I hope you found this article helpful.

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