Apple iPhone 14 Vs. iPhone 14 Plus – Which One Should You Buy?

Apple iPhone 14 Vs. iPhone 14 Plus – Which One Should You Buy?

When comparing the Apple iPhone 14 Plus, there are several factors you should consider. The standard iPhone 14 is available for pre-order and will be delivered this month. The Plus version is expected to arrive in early October. Both models have excellent reviews. The next step is deciding which is best for your needs and budget. The following table will help you make this important decision.

iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 14 Plus

The Apple iPhone 14 And iPhone 14 Plus both have super-retina liquid displays. They are both great choices for watching movies and playing games. While the Plus has a larger display, it’s still less comfortable to hold and use, particularly while wearing a case. The two phones also offer great battery life, with the regular-sized model starting at $799 compared to the Plus’s $899 starting price.


The iPhone 14 has the same size display as the iPhone 13, but the iPhone 14 Plus is larger and better suited for video games and streaming movies. Both phones have super-retina XDR displays with true blacks, which makes them perfect for movies and games. They also offer Apple True Tone and Power-efficiency modes.


Apple has made the new iPhones available in a wide range of colors. The iPhone 14 Plus are currently available for pre-order in Australia. The iPhone 14 Plus is more powerful than the standard iPhone and offers more premium options. The new models are expected to hit the market in the first quarter of 2018.

The iPhone 14 family will be available in five new colors at launch, including the new purple and blue shades. The iPhone 14 Pro will also be available in a new deep purple color. Before purchasing, review the available color options to choose the perfect one. Other recent announcements by Apple include the release of iOS 16 and the new AirPods Pro 2.

Crash Detection

Crash detection is a feature that will be included in the Apple iPhone 14 series and the new Apple Watch Series 8. The technology was designed to detect crashes, which can be life-threatening, and will notify emergency services in the event of an accident. Apple claims that crash detection algorithms have been trained through millions of hours of real-world driving. Crash detection also allows the user to cancel an alert in the event of a false alarm.

The iPhone 14 Plus also features crash detection, which utilizes the new accelerometer, gyroscope, and machine learning models to detect crashes and contact emergency services. It can also be used to send text messages to emergency contacts. Additionally, the iPhone 14 has better battery life than the iPhone 13 or its predecessors. Because of its larger size, the battery life is also higher on the iPhone 14 Plus.

Emergency SOS

The Apple iPhone 14 and Apple iPhone 14 Plus have Emergency SOS, a feature that allows users to send text messages to emergency responders. While this feature is more time-consuming than an SMS, Apple has optimized the messages to be around one-third the size of a standard SMS message. Users can also prioritize the message for delivery.

Emergency SOS is a new feature that will make your phone safer. It works by using satellite frequencies to send emergency messages. It also uses an algorithm to make text messages smaller. The iPhone 14 Plus will come with free two years of Emergency SOS via satellite.

Size Differences

The standard iPhone 14 feature similar dimensions and sizes, with a difference only in screen size. The Plus weighs a bit more, but neither is significantly larger than the other. Both models are 5.78 inches long and 3.07 inches wide. The iPhone 14 Plus also has the same PPI figures, at 458 pixels per inch. Additionally, both smartphones feature the same battery life and storage capacities.

Both phones feature the same screen resolution, but the iPhone 14 Plus offers a larger 6.7-inch OLED display. The Pro models also have ProMotion displays, but the vanilla iPhone 14 Plus doesn’t. The Pros also ditch the notch for a pill-shaped cutout that Apple calls Dynamic Island.

The iPhone 14 Pro has a 6.1-inch diagonal screen, while the iPhone 14 Plus has a 6.7-inch diagonal display. Both phones have a 60-Hz OLED panel, but the Pro Max’s display features a new design. The new screen isn’t dominated by the notch but rather by a pill-shaped cutout that houses the Face ID sensors and the new front-facing camera.

The Bottom Line

If you’re on a budget, both models are great options. The base model of the iPhone 14 has 128 GB of internal storage, while the iPhone 14 Plus has 512 GB. Both devices run the same iOS 16 operating system.

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