5 Surprisingly Impressive Marketing Thought Leaders You Need to Follow

5 Surprisingly Impressive Marketing Thought Leaders You Need to Follow

Marketing thought leaders are an important part of your overall marketing strategy. They are influential and can draw top-tier opportunities to your firm. To become a thought leader, you need a lot of expertise and insight, and the ability to engage your target audience.

The best thought leaders stay current on the latest developments in their fields, which helps them analyze trends and develop strategies for business solutions. In faster-evolving industries, like technology, staying on top of the latest news is vital.

Thought leadership is a great way to build credibility and interest in your brand. It also provides an outlet for you to share your knowledge, which gives your customers access to a pro toolset. You can do this by publishing articles in trade publications or other outlets.

The key to marketing thought leaders is to create relevant, engaging, and authentic content. This can be difficult in today’s information overload, so you will want to find an engaging and insightful copywriter who can help you produce the perfect piece of content.

5 Surprisingly Impressive Marketing Thought Leaders

When you consider the marketing thought leaders today, you may be surprised by the ones who make the list. These people are not necessarily known by name, but they are all important to your business.

Kimberly Bryant

Kimberly Bryant is the founder of Black Girls Code, a nonprofit organization that offers technology education to girls of color. She is also an entrepreneur and thought leader. Your company was recognized for its innovation.

According to Business Insider, Bryant is one of the 25 most influential African-Americans in the tech world. She was also named on The Root’s list of the 100 most important African-Americans in technology and was a part of the White House’s Champions of Change program. As a testament to her leadership skills, she was a member of the Ebony Power 50, an honorary list of the most successful black entrepreneurs in business.

Other notable achievements include being a member of the National Center for Women & Information Technology K-12 Alliance, and an American Ingenuity Award in Social Progress from the Smithsonian Institute. Some of her biggest wins include being recognized for her work with the National Girls Collaborative Project, the Jefferson Award for Community Service, and the Black Girls CODE.

Cindy Gallop

If you’re a consumer of ad tech or an advertising enthusiast, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Cindy Gallop. She’s a former senior executive at BBH and has since gone on to found her own advertising consultancy. Her aforementioned company is one of the most successful in the business, and she is hardly alone.

Aside from her work in the industry, Gallop has found time to contribute to society in other ways. For example, she was among the first women to serve on the board of the BBH global group, and her work has been praised for its social media savvy. In fact, she recently crowdsourced a half-million-dollar project and has begun to implement it. This feat might not be as gaudy as her accomplishments at BBH, but it’s an achievement nonetheless.

Vladimer Botsvadze

Vladimer Botsvadze is one of the best-known marketing thought leaders of our time. As a speaker, professor, and Fortune 500 consultant, he is globally recognized for his work in digital transformation. His advice has helped high-performing companies around the world achieve growth.

His experience working for major global brands has made him a trusted partner. He has been named as a thought leader by various organizations, including Onalytica, Retail Insight Network, and Whizlabs.

As a social media influencer, he inspires his followers to take action. Through his social channels, he is followed by more than 130,000 people in 185 countries. Moreover, he has been interviewed on various radio shows and podcasts.

Throughout his career, he has been involved in numerous projects, involving billion-dollar marketing campaigns. Today, he is a trusted advisor to leading companies and government agencies and is known for his expertise in digital transformation, conversational intelligence, and big data.

Chip Bell

Chip Bell is one of the most sought-after keynote speakers in the business world. His innovative approach to service has helped many Fortune 100 companies increase their bottom lines and enhance their reputations in the marketplace.

He is also a prolific writer. Bell has published 23 books, and his newest book will be released in 2020. The new book focuses on creating unique value for customers.

In addition to his books, Chip Bell is a popular keynote speaker. His work has been featured in top media outlets such as CNN, Businessweek, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and Bloomberg TV.

While innovation is often thought of as an idea reserved for cool startups or must-have technology, Bell believes that it should be a central part of customer service. Kaleidoscope is a guide to delivering innovative service that will transform satisfied customers into loyal advocates. It’s a quick read and can help you take your customer service to the next level.

Brand Yourself

The BrandYourself team has been around for quite some time. Their focus is on helping you leverage your existing professional networks to help you transition into your next chapter. Using the latest in social media tools, they can get your name out there while keeping you on top of your game. For example, they will help you build a database of quality leads so that you can spend your time focusing on the things that you love most. In addition, they will teach you how to create content that resonates with your customers. Whether you are looking for a career change or simply to make more money, they have your back. Likewise, they can provide you with a solid business plan that will take you from A to Z.

Famous Quotes About Marketing

If you’re into marketing, then you probably have heard some of the best quotes about marketing from some of the most successful business people. These quotes are not only good for boosting your confidence and giving you an idea of how successful people approach marketing, but they can also help you learn how to improve your own business.

  • One of the best aspects of authentic marketing is that it enables companies to connect with their customers in ways that can help their organizations in the long run.
  • Content marketing is just like a first date. It’s a two-way conversation, and you’ll have to make the right impression.
  • Seth Godin is a marketing expert, speaker, blogger, entrepreneur, and investor. His bestselling books include This Is Marketing, The Dip, and Purple Cow. He is also the creator of the Startup School podcast, which guides entrepreneurs.
  • Inbound marketing is a technique that is used to attract, engage, and retain customers. It involves building credibility and trusts in your brand by providing helpful content and information.



Thought leaders are a great way to build relationships with your audience and increase your visibility. They can also help you uncover business development opportunities. However, before you start creating thought leadership content, you should know a few dos and don’t.

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