Unveiling Ray Charles’ Love Story: Meet His Wife and Children

Unveiling Ray Charles’ Love Story: Meet His Wife and Children


Behind the soulful melodies that touched millions, lies a love story for the ages. Today, we dive into the extraordinary life and love of legendary musician Ray Charles. Join us on this captivating journey as we unveil the mystery behind his enduring marriage to an incredible woman and introduce you to the remarkable children who inherited their father’s musical genius. Get ready to be captivated by tales of passion, resilience, and unbreakable family bonds as we delve into the untold chapters of Ray Charles’ love story.

Ray Charles and Della Beatrice Howard Robinson:

A Love Story for the Ages Ray Charles was a musical icon known for his unique blend of R&B, gospel, and blues. He was a pioneer in the music industry, breaking barriers and inspiring generations of artists. But behind the music, he had a truly remarkable love story. Ray Charles met Della Beatrice Howard Robinson in 1954 when Ray Charles’ wife was just 18 years old. They were introduced by a mutual friend and it was love at first sight for both of them. Della was a beautiful, intelligent woman with a strong personality, and Ray was immediately drawn to her. Despite their 12-year age difference, they fell deeply in love and were married on April 5, 1955. 

Their marriage faced many challenges, including Ray’s struggles with drug addiction and infidelity. But through it all, Della stood by him, providing unwavering love and support. She became his rock, helping him overcome his demons and guiding him towards a healthier and more successful life. Together, they had three children: Ray Charles Robinson Jr., David Robinson, and Raenee Robinson. Despite his busy career, Ray was a devoted father who made sure to spend quality time with his children. He often brought them on tour and they would join him on stage, showcasing their musical talents. 

Della also played a crucial role in raising their children, instilling in them the same values of hard work and determination that she and Ray shared. She was a strong and loving partner, and their marriage lasted until Ray’s passing in 2004. Della continued to honor his legacy after his death, managing his estate and preserving his music for future generations. She passed away in 2017, but her love for Ray and their family lives on through their children.

Introduce Each of Ray Charles’s Children:

Ray Charles Robinson Jr. was the eldest child of Ray and Della. He inherited his father’s musical talents and pursued a music career, playing the trumpet and singing. He also worked as a producer and manager for his father’s music and continues to preserve his legacy through the Ray Charles Foundation.

David Robinson, the middle child, also followed in his father’s footsteps as a musician. He played the drums and toured with his father, and has also worked as a producer and songwriter. He is also involved in philanthropy work through the Ray Charles Foundation. 

Raenee Robinson, the youngest child, chose a different path and became a lawyer. She has worked as a public defender and in private practice and is also involved in charitable work through the Ray Charles Foundation. 

Together, Ray and Della’s children have continued their father’s legacy and have made their mark in the world. They have also maintained a strong bond with each other, supporting and encouraging one another in their respective careers.

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Legacy and Impact:

Ray Charles and Della’s love story is a testament to the power of true love and the strength of family bonds. Despite facing numerous challenges, they remained devoted to each other and their children, leaving behind a lasting legacy of love, resilience, and determination. Ray’s music continues to inspire and influence artists of all genres, and his impact on the music industry will never be forgotten. Della’s support and guidance played a crucial role in his success, and her contributions to preserving his legacy are a testament to her unwavering love for him. Together, they will always be remembered as one of the greatest love stories in music history.


Ray Charles and Della Robinson’s love story is one for the ages. Their love for each other and their family transcended all obstacles and continues to inspire others. They were a true example of love, commitment, and resilience and their legacy will live on through their children and the timeless music of Ray Charles.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How many wives did Ray Charles have?

  • Twice

What did Ray Charles die from?

  • Liver disease

Who is the blind black singer?

  • Ray Charles

How old was Ray Charles before death?

  • 73

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