The CodeSys IIoT Gateway: A Smart Solution for Industrial Mapping

The CodeSys IIoT Gateway: A Smart Solution for Industrial Mapping

IIoT Gateway Devices – A Perfect Solution for Industry 4.0

IIoT Gateway Devices: A Perfect Solutions for Industry 4.0? How can these devices help you? The answer is a combination of criteria. With the right gateway device, you can realize increased efficiency and lower costs, and even implement new technologies. IIoT gateway devices include LoRaWAN(r) and LPWAN for IoT, MQTT, and Industrial IoT Edge Computing. Read our full review of the latest IIoT technology, including a PLC gateway.

The process of implementing IIoT devices begins with the MES system sending a message to an IIoT device. The IIoT device collects, analyses, and stores the data on external storage. It then sends a message to the MES system to set the desired state. To achieve this, it needs to adapt each step of the workflow to the hardware specification. It must also support OPC UA standards.

Industrial IoT gateway devices are critical to improving factory production. They collect data from sensors and use it to fine-tune the process. This reduces human error while gaining a wide range of data about manufacturing processes. In addition, IIoT gateway devices enable organizations to improve their processes and maximize production. It is important to understand that these gateway devices are not just another solution to Industry 4.0.

An IIoT Gateway Device should have inputs and outputs, as well as a starter sequence. A test device had a start-up process labeled “reset” which resets its default values. The next step may require connecting or configuring external sources. You should carefully evaluate the requirements of the IIoT gateway device before purchasing one. A successful implementation will help you achieve the benefits of the IIoT and make your business more profitable.

The Benefits of Using Codesys IIoT Gateway Devices in Industrial Seatings:

Today’s companies are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors and maximize profits. With global customers using multiple machines per site, it is increasingly important to offer remote access, functionality and troubleshooting. Additionally, it would be beneficial to reduce onsite travel expenses and the risk of costly downtime. Fortunately, there are several ways to benefit from IIoT in industrial settings.


CODESYS is an automation software platform with essential technologies and properties for IIoT environments. With CODESYS, an industrial seating system can become a powerful industrial internet device. Its easy-to-use web services make it easy to utilize the latest technologies. For example, the easyAccess 2.0 remote access service for Weintek products enables users to access, monitor, and manage their remote PLCs.


CODESYS is a software platform for industrial automation that contains key technologies and properties required in IIoT environments. CODESYS IIoT Gateway Devices turn a compatible controller into an industrial internet device. They are designed to simplify the use of the latest technologies, while still maintaining compatibility with existing systems. CODESYS Automation Server uses modern web technologies to simplify tasks, such as providing a topology overview. CODESYS also offers cloud-based fleet management and vendor-managed inventory.


There are numerous advantages of using Codesys IIoT gateway devices with EtherCAT connectivity for industrial seating applications. The Ethernet-based communication protocol is backward compatible and ideal for industrial applications. Users can easily view the topology of their network, all the devices connected to it, and any problems that may occur. The benefits of using Codesys IIoT gateway devices with EtherCAT are numerous and include:


With the CANopen protocol and a range of supporting features, Codesys IIoT Gateway Device for industrial control applications can help you get the most out of your connected industrial equipment. Traditionally, remote operators have been unable to access their HMIs and PLCs, because the communication was not established. This is no longer the case with the cMT-CTRL01, an IIoT Gateway Device. Its EasyAccess remote access service makes remote monitoring of a Weintek PLC a breeze.


IIoT manufacturers need to make their endpoints secure in order to prevent cyber threats from affecting their business. Because IIoT devices have a high rate of unauthorized activity, manufacturers need to implement endpoint security. They should also separate these devices into special network segments to prevent unauthorized access. This will help ensure the uninterrupted operation of IIoT-enabled systems.


The use of IIoT Gateway devices in industrial seatings has several advantages. They can provide comprehensive diagnostic information, transfer it through process data and make it available to other devices. The use of fail-safe/fault mode is beneficial for risk management. The output behavior of the device can be defined in advance to accommodate bus interruptions. Several bus interfaces are available, including PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, and PROFINET. Diagnostic modules can be loaded through Fieldbus, which further enhances their ability to detect and respond to problems.

The Advantages of Using Codesys IIOT Gateway Devices in Industrial Settings

Several factors have been identified as the advantages of using Codesys IIOT Gateway Devices in industrial settings. Among them are cost effectiveness, functional extensibility, security, and reliability. Let’s examine these in detail. If you’re looking for a solution that addresses the challenges you face and enables you to achieve a competitive advantage in your market, consider the following factors.


Codasys IIoT Gateway Devices offer powerful remote access and are designed for industrial use. They offer robust industrial internet capabilities for control interface projects. In one example, Company A chooses to host an MQTT broker offsite with Amazon AWS. 

Functional extensibility

The cMT series with CODESYS integrates a high-performance HMI and CODESYS programmable logic controller in one device. Powered by a dual-core CPU with two independent operating systems, the cMT-CTRL01 supports IIoT gateway protocol translation and EasyAccess remote access. The cMT-G01/G02/G03/G04 is a smart communication gateway with CODESYS and built-in industrial controller functionality.


The CMT series with CODESYS is high-performance HMIs with CODESYS programmable logic controllers. Built on a duo-core CPU, the CMT series runs two separate operating systems: HMI and CODESYS. CMT-CTRL01 features CODESYS built-in for data visualization and controller logic. The CMT-G01/G02/G03/G04 is smart communication gateways with built-in CODESYS and EasyAccess remote access service.


An IIoT gateway provides secure communication between machines, which is critical in industrial settings. These devices are often equipped with digital input and output ports, which allow operators to control remote access to these devices. Additionally, the software of these devices supports X.509 certificates to prevent unauthorized access to the devices. These security features are also beneficial in industrial settings, as they ensure compliance with safety regulations and IT security policies.

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The CodeSys IIoT Gateway is a solution for industrial Internet of Things applications. This gateway enables industrial data exchange and a comprehensive set of security features. Its open interfaces and cloud administration platform allow for the deployment of fog, edge, and cloud systems. the flexible design allows device manufacturers to integrate their own automation components into the product, making the runtime system an integral part of the end product. Its various product options enable device manufacturers to customize its functionality, including visualization, coordinated motion control, and connection to Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet.

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