The Guest Posting Blueprint for Freelancers

The Guest Posting Blueprint for Freelancers

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One of the main reasons why the blogging world is exploding with new interest and success is because of the concept of guest blogging. This is one way for freelancers to promote their services without having to create a blog on their own. The guest post works much like an article you would write for your own site, except you are posting it to a website or blog where a lot of people are looking for information on the topics you are covering. Here are 6 steps that every beginner needs to do in order to get started.

  • Step 1: Reading– Always read as many blogs as possible, both general purpose and niche oriented. To see what is out there. Asking your readers about their interests will give you a good indication of topics that you might want to write about. You can also ask other freelance writers for their opinion on things. You need to make sure that the topic of your guest post is interesting to you. You don’t want to end up creating a blog on some boring niche topic in order to promote yourself as a professional.
  • Step 2: Create a blog on your niche topic– This is the easiest step of all. The reason it is the second step is that you can always customize the blog to suit your business needs. If you already have a successful blog then you can start over from scratch. You can always start with a slightly modified version of the original blog.
  • Step 3: Social Media Promotion- Always use a different platform to post your guest post than the one your company posts its content on. Many freelancers get started on Twitter and Facebook and they post their original articles there. If you are on WordPress, you should switch it to a new platform whenever a new post gets posted. This will keep your branding consistent.
  • Step 4: Tweet your posts- It is not mandatory that you use all three platforms to be successful. The more you use them, the more unique content you will be able to publish on your blog. The best part is that if you are on Twitter you won’t even have to log into your blog to post a guest post.
  • Step 5: Guest Post- Whenever you have a guest post, promote it to everyone you know. Every day, post new content to your blog so that you can update your status and update everyone who follows you. The more traffic you have coming to your blog the more people will want to visit your guest post on freelancers. The easiest way to promote is to use social media.
  • Step 6: Have Patience- Most of the time, when you are hired to do a blog post on someone else’s blog you won’t see anything for weeks. Some of them won’t see anything for months. Freelancers and bloggers who have very active sites would attest that they wait until their posts get posted to their blog. The search engines crawl your content first before others.


Enjoy your blog and to have fun. Your guests are going to come to your blog with a certain level of expectations. If you are not prepared to meet these expectations you will turn potential clients away. Make your blog posts easy to read and enjoyable to read. This will be true both of your blog and that of the guest.

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