WhatsApp New Update: Soon Users Can See Status Directly From Chat List

WhatsApp New Update: Soon Users Can See Status Directly From Chat List

In the near future, WhatsApp New Update will allow you to see your status updates right from your chat list. Soon, eight new emojis will be available to react to status updates. Unlike other social media platforms, WhatsApp does not offer you the option of controlling who sees your status updates, but they are working on it. This feature will be available to users who are members of the WhatsApp Community.

New Feature of WhatsApp That Will Allow Users To View Status Updates Directly From The Chat List

In addition to the new “Status” tab, WhatsApp is also testing additional admin tools and undo-deletion abilities. This new feature could drive more users to the app. A screenshot from a future WhatsApp Desktop beta build reveals the new feature. Users will be able to view status updates by tapping the avatar in the chat list. If the screenshot doesn’t look right, the new feature may be a long time coming.

A similar feature already exists on the Android version of WhatsApp. However, it does not work on the iOS version yet. As of right now, users can’t see the status update from their chat list unless they switch to another device. The new feature will be rolled out to beta testers shortly. Meanwhile, WhatsApp is working on a multi-device chat feature that will allow users to chat from two or more devices simultaneously. Using this feature will require a user to register their companion device by scanning a QR code.

Another feature that has been rolled out is the ability to respond to status updates with emoji. The emoji feature was introduced on Instagram and will be available on WhatsApp soon. Additionally, the app will add eight new emojis. These updates should be available in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the company is bringing a few other improvements that users will love.

Eight Emojis Will Be Available To React To Status Updates

If you use WhatsApp on your smartphone, you may have noticed a new feature that allows you to see status updates directly from the chat list. This feature is similar to Facebook’s status update feature. In a chat, you simply tap a contact’s profile picture to see their status update. However, in the past, you had to click the Status tab to see other people’s updates.

Another exciting new feature is the ability to silently leave a group and notify the other members. This feature eliminates the awkwardness associated with leaving a group chat. This new feature is one of many updates that WhatsApp has made this year. Other updates include emoji reactions, faster voice calls, and a new Community function. So, it’s safe to expect more from the company in the near future.

This new feature has been rolled out to a few beta testers but has not been made generally available. This feature is still in beta and might change before it reaches the public. Soon, you’ll be able to filter unread chats by their new messages. In addition to this, soon users will be able to use eight emojis to react to status updates.

Controlling Who Sees Your Status Updates

Changing your privacy settings on WhatsApp new update is an easy way to control who sees your status updates. You can choose who can see or share your updates by choosing My Contacts Except… and Only Share With. You can also select specific contacts who will always see your status updates. Once you’ve changed your privacy settings, you’ll see a list of people whose Status you’ve shared. You can then choose whether to share the Status with each of these contacts or to keep it private to those who you don’t want to see it.

If you’re worried about stalkers, you may want to disable the status feature to protect yourself. Using the Status feature allows you to post up to 30 photos and videos at the same time. To post a photo or video, tap the camera icon on the Status tab. From there, you can select additional media files and click Done. Once you’ve finished sharing your status, the recipient will receive the selected media or file. Alternatively, you can delete the status by tapping the three-dot menu next to My Status.

Facebook has also recently rolled out new privacy features in WhatsApp for Android and iOS. These include the ability to limit the visibility of other people’s profile photos and the “about me” section on their profiles. You can also turn off the Last Seen feature for certain people, which means they can’t view your Last Seen statuses. These new privacy features can be helpful if you don’t want your financial and banking information to be viewed by people you don’t know.



WhatsApp is working on a WhatsApp new update that will soon allow users to see the status of their contacts directly from the chat list. This new feature was spotted in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android and it appears as an extension of the contact’s name. The status will be displayed under the contact’s name with a small circular icon next to it. The icon indicates if the connection is online, busy, or away. 

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