Hometown Hero Delta 8 Gummies Review

Hometown Hero Delta 8 Gummies Review

Well, we all know that brand reputation is the key! Brands that genuinely care for the welfare of their consumers and the mammoth, worldwide cannabis fam, are the genuine custodians.

Hometown Hero isn’t one of the anonymous brands out in the market. And, that’s important! These folks are not hesitant to appear and remain behind their products. Without ado, a direct statement from the Hometown Hero’s official website:

“Even with our reputation, spending money on something new can seem like a gamble. You shouldn’t pay for something you don’t enjoy, and we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen.”

The key mantra here is the 100 percent worry-free guarantee. Bought a Hometown Hero gummy yet want to return it for reasons unknown? No worries, you can return it to them. Moreover, you will get a gift voucher if you want to try something different, in return. Isn’t that just wow!

Underneath we jump into how Hometown Hero is in a real sense doing everything:

Hometown Hero Product Range 

Hometown Hero remains strictly to only 100 percent hemp-derived products. The brand centers on Delta 9, Delta 8, and CBD. You will find reserves of gummies, baked goodies, edibles, vapes, fresh flowers, disposables, colors, topicals, concentrates, pre-rolls, and huge concessions.

USA Produced Hemp

However, there are no data about the specific ganja ranches Hometown Hero works with, all hemp is USA-produced. Likewise, the flowers are cautiously spruced manually and treated to transport fresh produce with utmost effectiveness and to sustain the levels of terpenes.

Entirely Third-Party Lab Tested 

The entire range of products of Hometown Hero is tried and tested by autonomous labs to guarantee quality, effectiveness, and purity. Another appreciable thing is that the full board Certificates of Analysis are accessible on the website and simple to find.

Exceptional Brand Reputation 

Hometown Hero is among the most popular brands available in the market (and that’s genuinely said by some of the customers). There are abundant positive reviews available, and most consumers share a remarkable satisfaction with the products, the free samples, as well as the shopping experience.

Most customers give 5 Star too for their experience with this brand (from packaging, delivery, and of course the effectiveness of the products).

Speedy Shipping & Customer Service 

Hometown Hero offers super fast and free delivery for every order above 50 dollars! The consumer can connect with the customer service assistant through a chatbot or email or just by dialing them.

Hometown Hero Delta 8 Review

From brand, now let’s move on to the product. Hometown Hero is a Texas-based hemp company pro exclusively in Delta-8, Delta-9 items, and CBD. These folks are manufacturing the very best in all categories while additionally giving away the benefits they get from sales to needy veterans.

Strongest Gummy 

Delta-8 Max Grape Gummies: Stands as the strongest gummy from Hometown Hero. This is a new addition to their inventory; chewy candies pack 100mg of Delta-8 into each minuscule grape block. This would be the most delicious wholesome that had ever eaten. The taste resembles a grape sour patch candy.

Leave aside Superman, Ironman, or Batman, there’s another legend around… a Hometown Hero! Fusing a savor and quality nothing like most other Delta-8 gummies, contributing cash to veterans made from each sale, and providing a product that’s seated in the elite stratum of uncompromising hemp by-products, Hometown Hero was an easy pick as the lead Delta-8 consumable for this record. 

The Pros

  • Candy-like taste and texture 
  • Exceptional packaging 
  • Donations to veterans from each sale
  • Effective, durable product 

The Cons

  • Too high a price point 
  • Despite exceptional packaging, it is plastic


  • Peaceful, prolific, chill out
  • Works great for sleep improvement, anxiety, and concentration
  • Highly not recommended for early morning use


Standing tall as the top brand isn’t new territory for Hometown Hero; these delicious blueberry chewy candies additionally brought back home the second spot at the 2021 High Times Hemp Cup. The packaging, nevertheless plastic, figures out how to stand apart by using a delightful baby blue color. The designs contain the most remarkable Delta-8 logo; a skeleton hand holding a blue eight-sided dice. It’s a smart method for tying collectively Delta-8, the blueberry flavor, and the lethal potency contained in each bite.

Just one bite of these gluten-free, vegan gummies and you will acknowledge in a blink of an eye that it is from an organization of the greatest quality. The gummies qualify as candies, an atypical accomplishment for a Delta-8 consumable. Numerous Delta-8 brands battle with flavor. Taste, consistency, and aftereffect issues appear to trouble these products. Hometown Hero must be dead set against snags.


Hometown Hero is ideally suited for those hoping to unwind the last couple of hours of the day with a little energy and concentration that becomes lighter in due course into a continuous relaxation and facilitates peaceful sleep. These Delta- 8 gummies are one of the more extravagant edibles. All things considered, you are getting what you are paying for. Not just in the flavors and effectiveness cited above, however, Hometown Hero likewise includes the most thorough and reliable COA. Delta-8 is a dicey business, investing a couple of extra bucks for a reliable product is a much better choice than moving the eight-sided dice of your wellbeing.

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