How To Choose The Perfect Wallpaper Paint Roller For Your Home?

How To Choose The Perfect Wallpaper Paint Roller For Your Home?


Why take such a great deal of your time looking for your ideal dream wallpaper paint or a professional painter when you could get it done yourself? This convenient aide will give you tips on the types of paint roller required to cover all the walls you have been longing for.

There are various kinds of paint rollers.

• Where, how, and when to utilize them.

• Instructions to pick the right paint roller

Learn about the different types of wallpaper paint rollers and what kind of paint roller you should use for a given surface, for example, an Artex roof or textured wall or a plain surface like a plastered wall.

Let’s have a look at the wallpaper paint rollers

Utilizing a paint roller can make life exceptionally simple without a doubt yet, a few times, there is a great deal of disarray over the best roller to use in some random circumstance.

If you come across a situation like this, it is good to know which wallpaper paint roller to pick and how you can refine that decision. Rollers can be utilized to paint with gloss paint plus emulsion, and more small rollers are explicitly intended to work with radiators.

Paint Roller Or A Paintbrush?

For bigger, flat surface rollers can have a tremendous time effect yet it is essential to utilize a brush or paint pad to go round every single edge and corner where the roller can’t reach without ruining the surface close to the one you are painting.

Roller Size And Parts

Paint Rollers come in different widths, ranging from around 90 mm wide to 450mm, and all have their purposes. There is no right or wrong size for some random occupation, however. The conspicuous thing to bear in mind is, that the bigger the surface, the wider the roller should be.

More About Paint Rollers

Wallpaper paint rollers come in two sections. The external skin touches the wall and applies the paint called a sleeve and the inward frame. The skin is pushed onto the edge allowing modification in roller sleeves for various applications.

Creating Patterns And Effects With Paint Rollers

Comprehensively there are two types of paint rollers:

  • Stamped Paint Rollers: In this type of roller each roller design is reusable and interchangeable, and can be utilized with either the texture tool or the wall and paper applicator. You can utilize them on walls, or refurbish old wooden furnishings, etc.

Stamped paint rollers provide a distinctive finish on all roofs in no time and smoothly roll over new textured surfaces to give a lovely uniform design.

  • Rubber Roller: A rubber roller is an ideal option for a DIY painter. You can paint picturesque designs on walls with emulsion paint and texture paint. Easily conceals imperfections and deformities in old walls, wipeable and reusable.

You can make use of rubber rollers on walls, refurbish old wooden furnishings, make reams of wrapping paper, garments, meters of fabric, quilts, cushion covers, shades, cupboards, walls, doors, drapes, and so on.

There are exclusive paint rollers with designs for applying thicker paints or blends, in a patterned or textured way to paint ceilings and walls.

They are patterned rollers and textured rollers.

Patterned paint roller: Patterned paint roller has sleeves with designs cut out of them that provide an extremely fine speckled appearance to a wall. Roller sleeves used for this purpose are called stenciled rollers and they are for the most part made using rubber or cut foam.

Patterned paint rollers are also called decorative paint rollers as they have got various beautiful and intricate designs embossed onto them.

Steps For Rolling on a painted pattern

Step 1: Mark The Roller

To accomplish wallpaper-like replicas, mark the roller with a (+) one point half of the way around. You’ll begin the primary line with the (+ up), the following with the (− up). Embed the two rollers in the frame, and it should be a smooth close fit.

Step 2: Load The Paint

Pour latex paint in a semi-gloss finish into the paint tray. Take off the wallpaper design roller and run the foam roller through the paint, covering it. Roll it once on paper to take out surplus paint. Then mount the pattern roller and roll it on paper to ensure it’s straight up.

Step 3: Put Down The First Line

Adjust the (+) on the design roller with the upper left-hand corner, and move through (top to bottom) at a 45-degree angle.

Step 4: Make The Next Pass

Adjust the second line to the (−) on the design roller at the top. Pull the roller down, carefully staying away from a space between the lines. After three lines, or when the paint starts to blur, go over again with Step 2.

Textured Roller: Textured rollers are intended to assist with painting onto a surface with texture. With extraordinary foam covers with designs carved into them. This is the fastest and most exact method for applying paint in a manner that gives an artificial finish. Textured rollers are designs to replicate various designs like wood grain, brick blocks, tile, stone, and other interior design models. Textured paint rollers are intended for large surfaces, like roofs and walls.

If you desire to perceive how it functions, you can watch online tutorials or videos. These beautification hacks save you a ton of time rummaging around and cash and can be adjusted effectively to whatsoever design that suits your taste.

Paint Rollers With Designs are highly on-demand among homeowners, corporate offices, and stores like cafes, bakeries, high-end garments, and accessory stores. Even a section of wallpaper, textured or patterned, can give an elegant or classy look to the entire room.

Where Can I Buy Patterned Paint Rollers?

Finding anything is not a far-fetched issue these days, as one can find anything at their fingertips. Go to the internet and type your required query. You will get the patterned paint roller seller – online or store address. Buy online or call them up or visit their store is up to you.


For creating a truly unique interior decor, you can easily paint right over it whenever you want to try something new – without all the inherent hassle of wallpaper or hiring professionals. However, if the work is for the entire house, you will require professional painters unless you have a lot of time to experiment on your own.

If you do try your hands to paint wallpaper with wallpaper paint rollers, don’t forget to share your artwork with us so we can see your lovely creations!

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