Netflix Confirms Squid Game Season 2 And Drops Brief Teaser

Netflix Confirms Squid Game Season 2 And Drops Brief Teaser

It has finally happened: Netflix has confirmed that Squid Game season 2 is on the way! A brief teaser has been released for the first time! In case you haven’t heard of Squid Game, it is a Korean series with an eerie plot and a creepy climax. The production cycle may have been shortened if there was a surge in demand for the series or slowed down to allow the creatives to create a bigger spectacle.

A New Season For The Once No One Show Squid Game Awaits

Almost one year after the original series was released, Netflix has confirmed Squid Game Season 2. The popular Korean drama has already gained global fame and has taken social media by storm. In the short period since it premiered on Netflix in September 2021, Squid Game has racked up over 111 million views. Although there won’t be any more episodes, the creator of the show has already confirmed that Season 2 will be out in 2022.

A teaser for the second season has been released, and it is full of surprises. Fans can expect to see more of Lee Jung-Jae as the protagonist, and Lee Byung-hun as the masked villain. Despite the teaser, the cast and crew have yet to confirm specific details about the new season.

The first season of Squid Game was critically acclaimed and has gained massive popularity. It has even been praised by critics and is now the streaming service’s most popular series. Its brief teaser revealed a few new characters and storylines. While the details about the upcoming season are limited, it’s a sure sign that viewers will be back for more.

Squid Game: The Most Popular Show Ever

Squid Game creator David Hwang revealed that season two will arrive on Netflix soon. Hwang said that he has just three pages worth of ideas in mind for the second season. If you are curious about what happens next, read on for more information.

While there has been no word on who will return in the second season, there are already speculations that it could be a cult-like organization. Season 2 could also explore the characters from season one, including Front Man Lee Byung-hun, who shot Hwang Jun-ho in season one. Similarly, it may focus on Lee Jung-jae’s character, Gi-hun, who answered the phone during the next round of games and attempted to infiltrate the arena.

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